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We make it so easy that you wish you'd found us years ago. From the build to launch, and then available comprehensive management, we do it all so you don't have to.
Did we mention our websites are FREE?


Stop trying to piece it all together...We already have, and it's right here for FREE.

We'll Build It

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We Can Host

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Putting together a great website requires a lot of moving parts. You need a great content management platform, lightning fast and secure hosting, regular back-ups, security/software updates and more…

Don’t you wish there was someone who just did it all? We did too, so we created it

Aside from building you an awesome looking website that performs well, we can host and manage it from bumper to bumper. Everything you could possibly need is included. After we launch, you can have one contact who handles your hosting, website management, updates and more.

Sit back and let us build and launch you an amazing website.
Well how much does it cost? How about FREE?

``Not only does Launchpad Legal Marketing excel at website design...

...but they also have mastered SEO and build their client's websites with optimization in mind, which was important for me. Best of all, they are trustworthy and do not cut corners. I am lucky to have found them.``
Katherine O'Brien Law Office of Katherine O'Brien New Jersey

But Do FREE Websites Look Good?
Best Looking Free Websites Ever!!!

No gimmicks here. It is truly a 100% free website. You can choose to have us host, and/or manage it after we build it, but our goal is to spread the word that Launchpad Legal Marketing is the destination for website design for Attorneys and Law Firms.

FREE... Got It, So What's Included?

We know what you're thinking... but you're wrong. Here's what these awesome free websites include:

Built On WordPress

Awesome Design

Mobile & Tablet Ready

SEO Optimized

We don’t skimp on our free websites. They include all the awesome integrations you would expect in a current and modern website. We use tried and trusted WordPress themes, the designs are clean and visitor friendly and always mobile and tablet ready. Best of all, we SEO optimize them so the website has the best chance to rank in Google for your specific targeted key phrases.

There has to be a catch, what is it?

Okay, you got us… Since we’re building these websites to get our name and brand out there, we require that we get credit for the beautiful website we built for you. We place a “Built By” logo in the website footer. That’s it. Here is a sample of it:

Limited to Supply and Demand

We can’t build 100 sites a month… Our free website builds are also limited to the resources we have available. We are real people, working right here in Southern California. We can only build so many websites a month. This means if demand is high, we may have to put your build on a waiting list, but no worries as we typically process those within about 6 weeks.


Flat fee prices, no surprise costs. What you see is what you pay. No yearly price increases, no cancellation fees and NO CONTRACTS!!!
We Host
/month, no term contracts and never any cancellation fees
Fully Functioning WordPress Website
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The Works
/month, no term contracts and never any cancellation fees
Fully Functioning WordPress Website
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Still Skeptical?
We Completely Understand...

How about we make it even easier, and more risk free?

``Try Before you Buy``

But in this case, it's free, so just ``try``... We're so confident you'll love your new website deign, we'll build it for you to kick the tires. If you don't like it, no problem, we part as friends. If you do love it, we're sure you will, then pick a hosting package, FREE, is always an option, and the website is yours.

Ready to get started? Complete our 1 minute online application, and we’ll reach out to get started. Simply visit our application form here.

``My site is modern, powerful...

...and, most importantly, regularly ranking on the first page of Google for my most relevant search terms. My business is growing and I couldn't be happier. The communication and support from Launchpad Legal Marketing is second to none.``
Rob Collier California Drivers Advocates California
Law firm websites & SEO doesn't need to cost a fortune. Launchpad Legal Marketing is an affordable solution for the attorney who wants a honest solutions with transparency and accountability.

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