Built, Launched, Managed

We make it so easy that you wish you'd found us years ago. From the build to launch, and then comprehensive management, we do it all so you don't have to.


Sit back and let us build and launch you an amazing website. You can be as hands on as you want, but we've set it up so that you don't have to.
  • Step One: We determine your needs for the new website. We cover general design preference, target audience and the functionality of your website. (2-3 days)

  • Step Two: We start the foundation of your website. This includes the design elements such as headers, footers, menus, page structures and overall design settings. (4-5 days)

  • Step Three: We present the initial draft and take note of any of your adjustments or revisions. We then implement any revisions and present again for your approval. (4-5 days for each round of revisions)

  • Step Four: We build the remaining functionality into your website. This includes security, performance and functionality configurations as well as tracking and monitoring applications. (2 days)

  • Step Five: We optimize your website for search (SEO). Each page and article gets SEO markup to give it the best possible chance to show in search results. (2 days)

  • Step Six: We launch your website. We force all pages and articles to Google manually to ensure they know your new website is live. (Last Day)

  • Step Seven: We’re not done. We monitor and check the vitals of your website EACH & EVERY day. We perform daily backups and updates to software integrations, security and performance.

    Our “Pro” subscribers have access to a dedicated “Website Attendant” and will receive a monthly detailed report itemizing all website actions taken the previous 30 days.

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``My site is modern, powerful...

...and, most importantly, regularly ranking on the first page of Google for my most relevant search terms. My business is growing and I couldn't be happier. The communication and support from Launchpad Legal Marketing is second to none.``
Rob Collier California Drivers Advocates California

Simple Straight Forward Answers

What is the number 1 reason I should use Launchpad Legal Marketing?

We combine all essential functionality needed for your website. You do not have to keep track of your website builder/manager, hosting company… We are one company and a single point of contact for everything related to your website.

What if I already have a website?

No problem, we can either develop a brand new design to replace it, or depending on your current configuration, we can update and maximize the look of your current one. In some case you like your website and may be more suited for our Managed WordPress Service.

From start to finish....How long until my website is live?

As a worst case scenario, we try to launch your new website within 30 days. Often times it is a lot sooner, but because we present and obtain approval from you each phase, it can run all the way to deadline to ensure you have the exact website you want.

My new website, the content, the pictures...Do I own it?

It is all yours. Everything we purchase is in an account we set up for you. This includes the design elements, pictures and anything else. Licenses are all in your name. We don’t pin you down with anything.

I've seen hosting for as low as $20/month...What makes your subscription cost more?

Often times hosting that cheap is simply that…hosting. When you add on SSL certificates for encryption (an internet standard), malware and virus scanning, cloud back-ups and other features you will get well beyond that price.

Also, those hosting plans do not include daily manual review of your website. Aside from our daily cloud back-ups, included SSL certificates, full suite of premium software integrations and more…we also have a real person check the vitals of your website each and every day. They make sure that the back-ups ran and synced, that software is up to date as well as front-end functionality is in place.

While our plans are not the cheapest, it would be hard for you to find a package similar to what we provide, and if you do, it won’t be cheap.

How often will my rate be increased?

We are a firm believer in easy pricing. That means your rate will NEVER be increased. As long as you’re a customer, your rate is the same.

How do you handle billing...when do I pay my bill?

All our payments are monthly recurring. Your invoice is automatically generated and debited from a credit or debit card of your choice once a month. Your first invoice starts after your website has launched.

Is there a discount for multiple websites?

Yes there is. A lot of clients have multiple websites and each additional is 50% off the subscription fee. You can choose any subscription level for each website and each one still gets the full list of features within that subscription level.

What happens if I want to cancel services?

No problem, we know that depending on your business circumstances you may want to go a different direction. If you do, everything we have done for you is yours. This means the website, any blogs/articles we’ve created as well as all digital licenses associated with your website. As long as your term is over, we can help you transition in any way possible.

Why do you charge a setup fee? What is that for?

No ploy here, our setup fee goes directly to all the digital licenses for design elements, images, software purchases and more that go into your website. The good thing is that you own them all. We purchase them all in your name and the licenses are only used on your website.

Is your hosting as good as if I were to purchase it myself?

Our website hosting is not only fast and secure, it’s fully managed which means with us, you don’t have to even worry about it. If you purchased your own hosting you would have to manage it. We do all that for you in our flat rate.

Whats does "Daily Cloud Backups" mean?

When your asset (website) is digital, the best protection is backup, backup, backup. Unlike tangible assets, digital assets can revert to previous versions at any time.  We clone your entire website everyday and send it to a separate cloud server. If anything ever happens to your website, we can always revert back earlier in the day or beyond, depending on the subscription you have.

Are there website size big can my website be?

Simple answer, no limit. Most of our clients have websites less than 15 pages. We do however have some clients who see the value and return they get from blogging and have websites well over 500 pages. No matter where you land, we’ll host and manage it.

Are SSL certificates really included?

Yes, every website we build and host will get SSL encryption no additional charge. It’s pretty much the standard these days and gives your website that extra layer of security.

How often do you update my websites software and security applications?

Our websites combine powerful security and performance software applications. These applications, like any other premium software, are updated regularly. We don’t simply batch update these but rather integrate the newest version of all applicable technology as soon as updates are available. This could be as seldom as once a month, or multiple times a week. No matter what, you have the most up to date applications on your website as possible.

Your website design is cheaper than most others....what gives?

We are not stricktly a website design firm. We build, host and manage websites as well as provide legal industry SEO. This means we don’t need to use your website as an excuse to cover our overhead.

What design features are not included?

Our model is not to exclude features, but rather provide as much as we can. If you have seen it out there on a website, we can likely configure it to your website.

What are the most common features you put into your websites?

Most websites get the following features: Google analytics tracking, link up to Google webmaster tools, contact forms, translation, back-up sync and more.

SEO Optimized...what does that mean?

Every page of your website is marked up and configured with SEO critical elements. This means that the indicating factors that Google looks for are included on your website. This includes title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags for images, H tags for content and more. Upon launch, each page is manually submitted to Google index.

Why do you only design and publish on WordPress?

WordPress is probably the most powerful widely used website management platform. Aside from constant updates and feature additions, it has one of the largest support bases and feature availability. Even better for you, rather than using some proprietary software and limiting your website, you are always free to grow, change/modify and or take your website with you…and when you do, you will never have a problem finding someone to keep it going.

What makes your email account feature worth the upgrade?

As opposed to many Big Box hosting providers who charge per email, or third party email services, it’s all included. Our email is secure and can be configured how ever you like to get your emails. Our clients use their emailsaccounts with microsoft outlook, apple mail, andriod mail, thunderbird and more. We can configure it to a single or multiple devices from setup and you can access your email whenever, wherever.

Is there a limit to how many emails I can send and receive?

No, send and receive as many emails as you need.

How can I access my email...what applications are included?

Pretty much any way you want your emails, we can configure it. Common configurations include both mobile and desktop applications running cuncurrent. This means you can get your emails on your mobile (apple or andriod) as well as on your computer (web or application based). Common applications include Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, or strictly web based logins. Essentially, if there is a program you prefer, we can likely configure

Is there a charge for extra email accounts?

Our packages include a set amount of email accounts. If you need more we can configure them into your account, but there is an additional charge per email/month.

What if I need help or support?

While we are not as large as the Big Box hosting companies, we are located in Southern California and our team are real people ready to help. Your website and features are setup that most clients never need it, but if you do, we are here to support.

Is there a "per ticket" fee for support or help?

NEVER…questions, changes, updates or support…no charge EVER.

What is your "Website Assistant" feature?

Probably the best feature we have is our website assistant. You have a dedicated representative who will do virtually anything you need. This feature is great for website owners who like to publish blogs and articles. Your assistant is an email away. Just let them know what to publish, what to update, what to change and they’ll do it for you. No additional charge.

What methods do you provide your support?

We make it as easy as possible for you. For our self host and essential plans we offer support but email, chat & support ticket. If you are a professional plan subscriber, add support by phone to the list.

How long does it take to resolve a website issue?

The most common issue clients have is “How to publish a blog article”. If you’re doing a lot of that, our “Professional Plan” includes us doing that for you, but for most questions, we are available on the spot and can have you moving in minutes.

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