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For the best possible chance to rank high in search engines, a website will need quality and specific content. When clients either have writer's block, or would rather not deal with content....our team is available to professionally write landing pages, geo-specific landing pages and/or a batch of blog articles to back-fill your website. Let us know how big you want to go and our team will develop 100% original and quality SEO ready content for your website.

Blogs & Website Articles

Keep your website blog populated and let your visitors know you’re engaged and active.

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Website Pages & Copy

SEO optimized content for your practice areas pages or any landing pages on your website.


Traffic Driving Content

SEO researched content prepared for one reason, to drive new traffic and gain new links.

Blog and Website Articles: This content is your standard website articles. It serves several functions on your website from showing engagement as well as that you’re active with your website and visitors. From an SEO point of view, it shows search engines your adding new content to your website on a regular basis.   If you’ve started a blog and dropped off, this content can bring your blog feed up to date and keep it current. This content also provides opportunity to internal link to your main website pages, boosting their authority.

Website Pages & Copy: Simply having a “Services” or “Practice Areas” page with a list of your services doesn’t add much value for search engines. In competitive industries and geographies (almost every attorney or firm), practice area pages are the foundation and bulk of your website traffic. In most cases, to rank for “Child Support Attorney in Los Angeles” you’re going to need a specific page on your website about Child Support that is also content specific to Los Angeles. Now you’ve given search engines a relevant page to display as a result when someone does that search. This content must be competitive (there are only 10 results on Google page 1) and also provide good user experience (answer the searchers request) to get and stay on Page 1.

Traffic Driving Content: This content is when you really want to pump as much traffic to your website as possible. Also referred to as “Content Marketing”, this content answers specific questions search engine users ask. The primary strategy is to target “Long Tail Keywords” which is hyper focused on a single topic. This content is long and thorough providing the best possible explanation to users which increases site dwell time, and attracts inbound links from all types of sources. An example would be “How is Child Support in California Calculated”, or anything very specific to your areas of practice.

...and, most importantly, all the content we produce for you is yours. We write the content, you own it and get the credit.
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Awesome Content & How It Works

Strategy & Planning

Step 1 –  Strategy and Planning:

We work with you on selected topics, style and and details you want in your monthly order. We provide insights to high traffic topics and key phrases and develop a plan to create content that will work within your blog. We select topics that supplement your areas of practice and provide ability for valuable internal linking.

Step 2 –  Research and Creation:

We start out by researching the target concepts and topic. We verify against various sources to make sure the content is up to date and accurate. Our writers then draft and refine the content to match the strategy and goals set in the previous phase. We copyscape all content to make sure their isn’t anything else similar already published on the web and then have several team members proof read the final draft.

Research & Creation

Revisions & Approval

Step 3 –  Revisions and Approval:

In this stage we present the final drafts for you to approve. If there are any revisions or adjustments you let us know. We finalize the content, get an approval and then the content is ready to publish.

Step 4 –  Optimize and Publish:

In this stage we take the approved content and optimize it for website publish. This includes applying SEO targeted title tags and meta page description. All applicable “H Tags” and “Alt Tags” on images. Further, we will apply any relevant cross links to applicable pages on your website and then finish up with a force crawl to Google index. If you ordered Premium Content we will then initiate the manual link building outreach and deliver a spread sheet report when done.

Optimize & Publish

Content For Any Budget or Goal

All content writing services have a minimum 3 month term, and then are month to month.
Add more pieces, modify your package or mix and match content types at any time.

2,000 words of original content per month is included in our ``Local Blogger`` SEO bundle. You may want to check out those options to get more for less.

Blog Articles
per article
2 article minimum, each additional at $75
500+ Word Count
SEO Optimized
Publishing Included
Cross Linking Included
Search Console Fetch Included
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Premium Content
per article
2 article minimum, each additional at $230
2000+ Word Count
SEO Optimized
Publishing Included
Cross Linking Included
Search Console Fetch Included
SEO Optimized Images
Info-Graphic Included
Manual Link Building Outreach
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