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You can spend thousands a month on marketing and advertising, but Reviews and building your online reputation is free, and has more of an impact on potential clients. Attorneys and Law Firms still heavily rely on word of mouth to drive business, the difference now is that it is the word of past client’s, posted on online review websites like Google, Yelp, Avvo and more. What people are saying about your firm online can either increase your client conversions, or the exact opposite. It is impossible to stop the publishing of online reviews about your firm, but you can monitor and cultivate new ones.

Attorney Reviews & Reputation
Make You or Break You

The internet never sleeps and we are at a time where the words of your clients can remain published forever. Sounds scary, but it can be used as a positive marketing effort and the reviews left on your business profiles can actually be you’re the influential factor for new clients.

Lawyers and their law firms rely now, more than ever, on their online reputations to drive success to their firms. Potential clients are all over the web checking the reputation of firms, before they even visit a website or call. What these people see will determine their short list of legal providers for their cases. A stronger reputation can result in a dramatic increase in website traffic, consultation appointments, and then client retainers.

The biggest drawback that attorneys and law firms have with respect to their online reputation is the time to monitor and cultivate new reviews and interactions as well as understanding how to do it effectively. It would take a full time employee all day to check dozens of business profiles over and over looking for new interactions.

Building Your Reputation - One Review at a Time


Create Review Campaigns

Create a review campaign in minutes. Select single or multiple recipients, edit your review message and send. Our dashboard does the rest of the work for you.


Build & Respond to Reviews

Get notifications when someone leaves new business feedback. From there you can respond and engage with those clients from one dashboard.


Outpace Your Competition

Watch your review count on major websites like Google Maps, Yelp and more grow. Set your business apart from the masses with a stellar online reputation.

...and, most importantly, major search engines and business directories such as Google Maps and Yelp factor review count into search results. Not only are you boosting your online reputation, you're positively impacting your search engine rankings.

Your Dashboard Works With

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...better yet..., our reputation and reviews dashboard is included in our local seo dashboard at no additional charge, starting at $450.

``obtaining reviews from clients was like pulling teeth...

Launchpad Legal Marketing's review campaign has been invaluable for my online law practice. Clients tell me all the time that they chose me over other lawyers because of my online review presence. Prior to Launchpad taking over the process for me, obtaining reviews from clients was like pulling teeth and always made me somewhat nervous. After Launchpad took over, they ensured that my (stellar) reviews skyrocketed. Best of all, the process has been painless, taking less than 10 minutes of my time every month. I could not be happier with this service.``
Katherine O'Brien Law Office of Katherine O'Brien New Jersey
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