How Social Media Marketing Can Raise Your Law Firm’s Brand Awareness

How Social Media Marketing Can Raise Your Law Firm’s Brand Awareness

Today, social media marketing is a powerfully influential tool, yet it continues to be an untapped source for many attorneys and law firms. In a traditional sense, law firms hesitate promoting their brand on social media as legal cases and the laws that surround them are typically regarded as being dull and boring. Others can find the concept challenging, and therefore fail to employ a successful marketing strategy. Ignoring the potential of an effective social media strategy, however, can be a greatly missed opportunity. When employed effectively, social media marketing for large and small-scale law firms can attract a plethora of clients, establish qualitative connections, and boost the brand’s image.

Whether you strive to commence the process of establishing a social media presence, or you seek to build an effective marketing strategy on an already existing social media campaign, the following guide can help you. As you begin to understand the benefits of an effective social media marketing strategy, you will be able to recognize the many ways social media can be a resourceful tool for your business. You may even begin to wonder how you ever went without taking advantage of these resources.

Key Benefits of Social Media for Attorneys and Law Firms

Before exploring the best practices for an effective marketing strategy using social media platforms, it is important to understand why these platforms are a valuable source for those in the legal industry. Is investing your time and energy in social media marketing worth it? It is, and here’s why:

  1. Social Media Marketing Raises Your Brand Awareness

According to a survey conducted and published by Attorney at Work, 44% of consumers have reportedly increased their personal use of social media. This means that today, more than ever, people are spending an increasing amount of time online, particularly on social media platforms. Having a strong social media presence can help spread your message, let customers know about your brand values, and ultimately, reach target audiences.

  1. The Use of Social Media Will Help You Engage Your Target Audience

There are ample opportunities available when interacting with others through social media. Many people use the diverse platforms to not only connect with their loved ones and build relationships, but also for the purpose of consumerism and to engage with their favorite brands. Consequently, this makes marketing through the use of social media platforms a valuable resource that can help you reach a target audience, and ultimately help you build your clientele base. With the use of effective social media strategizing, you can become an important resource for your audience, providing them with engaging and informative content, answer questions, and even help your audience resolve nominal issues.

  1. An Effective Social Media Campaign Will Expand Your Network and Help You Reach Prospective Clients

According to the American Bar Association, social media has become a very effective method of attracting new clients for law firms. Among the attorneys who use social media as a business tool 35% have been able to attain new clients. Additionally, 42% of those who use social media as a marketing tool state that social media has been moderately responsible for helping them acquire new clients.

  1. Market Your Area of Expertise on Social Media Platforms

One of the key reasons why social media can help you obtain new clients is that it provides an avenue for you to showcase and advertise your area of expertise. Social media platforms offer a space where you can share information about subjects you are passionate and knowledgeable about, for free! With effective strategizing, you can establish your credibility and gain the trust of your audience.

  1. Social Media May Help Improve SEO Efforts

Although social media platforms do not directly help you obtain a better ranking online, some reports state that there is an existing correlation between effective social media marketing ploys and improved search engine ranking. In addition, search engines like Google are increasingly bringing in dynamic content into search results, such as social media feeds. With a strong social media presence, it may be possible to attain greater visibility on search results for your business. Not to mention that a greater social media presence will also help you increase your website’s traffic.

Promote Your Law Firm Using Effective Social Media Strategizing

There are ample opportunities for you to utilize social media platforms to advertise your services and engage a larger audience. Finding the best practices for effective strategizing can greatly depend on your marketing goals, your overall brand image, and the message you seek to spread. As consumers flock social media platforms to become informed about businesses, it is important to take advantage of the attainable access to these groups. With the support of an effective strategy, posting on social media can spread brand awareness, build your network, and even help you engage new and existing clientele.

If you already have a website for your legal practice, using social media will generate traffic to your website. Do not miss the opportunity to market your business, along with the services you have to offer. To take full advantage of what social media can offer for your business, consider the following:

  • Develop an effective plan,
  • Create a vision,
  • Understand who your target audience is,
  • Choose your platforms,
  • Set content goals, and
  • Be consistent in executing your approach.

If you have questions regarding the benefits of effective social media strategizing, or how you can successfully start your social media presence, seek the support of a qualified legal marketing team.

Start Your Law Firm’s Social Media Campaign Today

At Launchpad Legal Marketing, we believe that effective marketing strategies are fundamental to the success of every law firm. Whether your legal practice is brand new or you have many years of legal experience, you should be aware that marketing strategies are ever changing. Consequently, it can be hard to maintain consistency, and this can greatly affect the ability to reach full potential in one’s marketing goals.

Additionally, we understand that there is an overabundance of marketing ploys available, which can make the process overwhelming. At Launchpad Legal Marketing, we work with you to ensure your marketing approach is tailored to your specific needs. In today’s modern world, a social media presence is important; contact us today to get successfully started. You can also learn more about our social media service and see sample posts from our clients here.

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