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Google Analytics – Top Level Data Interpretation

Google analytics, a powerful and free tool has consistent data metrics across most of their reporting. This is “Acquisitions”, “Behavior” and “Conversions”. In this video we look at these important metrics and what they actually mean to you. Understanding these metrics will allow you to better interpret your website visitors and your website as a […]

Google Analytics – Audience Tab

Google Analytics is a great free tool for tracking visitor data on your website. In this video we look at the “Audience” tab and the wealth of information inside of it. The information in this tab provides insight that website owners can take action on to increase website usability as well as improve overall user […]

Setting Up Google Analytics & Adding it to Your Website

Google Analytics  is a free and awesome tool for tracking visitor information on your website. It takes less than 1 minute to create a free account and then a few minutes to link it to your website. From there you can sit back and start analyzing all the amazing data that the Google Analytics tracks and […]

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