Creating Optimized Title Tags & Descriptions for Your Website

Creating Optimized Title Tags & Descriptions for Your Website

Title tags and meta descriptions are one of the most important ranking factors for your law firm’s website. These are pieces of text that are created and placed on your website. Search engines use them to rank your website and its pages, and the text is seen by searchers in search engine results pages (SERPs). These title tags and meta descriptions are important because they not only are used by Google, they will be seen by searchers and they will determine if they will visit your website based on the text you provide.

Title tags and descriptions can be updated and refined at anytime. They should receive a lot of attention initially to give your law firm website the best possible chance to rank well in search. The best part about creating title tags and descriptions….it’s free and takes minutes(per page once you develop  a formula). Here we have a video overview of what title tags and descriptions are, why they are important, how to create them and more. If you never paid attention to your title tags and descriptions, or haven’t looked at them in a while, this video may give you some ideas and motivation to dial them in.


Transcript: Hello everyone, this is Joel over at Launchpad Legal Marketing, and today I wanna talk about title tags, and descriptions for your website pages. We’re gonna talk about what they are, I wanna talk about why they’re important. We’re gonna talk about how to create optimized title tags, and descriptions. Then we’re also gonna look at a really cool preview tool. And then we’re gonna look at how to load, or put these into your website. And then lastly we’re gonna make sure that these new title tags and descriptions are submitted into the Google index so that hopefully your new title tags, and descriptions will help boost your search engine rankings. Let’s take a look!

What Are Title Tags & Descriptions on Law Firm Websites

Okay, so title tag and description what is it? Chances are you probably see them all day everyday. It is the information that displays in a Google search result. It is manually loaded into your website, and then from there Google index or their spiders will crawl your website, they will find it, and then rank your website accordingly. On the other hand, after you’ve done an update of your title tag or description, or your first time building the page. You can force crawl it, as they would say. Which is a manual submission to the Google index, so that you don’t have to wait for the spider to come and find you. You can force it into the index immediately.

So lets take a look, and we’re gonna do an example, family law attorneys in Sacramento, and here under the map tag we’re going to see our results. 10 results per page there. The blue text is the title, or the title tag which is added into the page. Underneath that you have the URL sample in green, it’s gonna show you the destination of these results the page. And then underneath that you have the text, so this is the actual description. This is the information again, added into the website page. That Google will find or that you will provide to them by a force crawl, and that they will use to display in the search results. Title tags and descriptions are important, because they’re one of the main ranking factors, that Google uses for displaying search results, so there’s a ton of factors. But an optimized title tag and description is really the foundation of giving your page or your website, the best opportunity.

Creating Law Firm Website Title Tags and Descriptions

So let’s go ahead and take a look on how do you create one. Let’s say that you have a brand new site, and you want to make sure that you’re starting off with the best title tag and description. Or let’s say that you have a site that’s been around for 15 years, and you’re not showing up anywhere. Let’s go ahead and take a look on a quick way that you can either develop, or that you can modify, title tags and descriptions. So we’ll use this same example here, family law attorney in Sacramento. The first thing that you can do is open a word document, I’ll just move one over here, and you can kinda take some rough notes, you can put some ideas together, and you can formulate, and start coming up with a rough draft there. Some of the, if you’re using WordPress, then you wanna be using Yoast SEO plugin. And if you’re using, any other website builder, they may not have a specific tool. It could be just a simple text box, where you type in your title, you type in your description, and we’ll kind of look at both these here. So if you’re doing that, you can put these right on a Word document. But first let’s look at, what we should be putting there.

If you want to show up for, family law attorney in Sacramento, the best place to start is to actually do that search, and to look at the people who are on the page. They’re obviously doing something right, if they are being displayed in the top 10 of Google on page one. So first thing we’re gonna look at, and almost always you’re gonna wanna use the keyword, family law attorney, and you’re gonna wanna use the geography, Sacramento. So as a rough note here on my word document, I’m going to put those down, family law attorney, maybe the word lawyer, definitely the word Sacramento. And let’s roll through what everyone else is doing, and we’re gonna see if there’s anything that we’re missing.

So the first result Yelp, we see them quantifying the top 10 best. If you’re not a directory we’re not gonna use something like that, because it’s just yourself. Same thing here, super lawyers, best Sacramento attorneys. Find laws, same thing, top attorneys, top lawyers. Justia, top family law attorneys. It’s not until result seven, where we actually see a law firm, not a directory. We can see here law office of Sacramento, divorce. Number eight is also a firm, family law attorneys Sacramento. And then number 10 is also a attorney, we see the same thing family law firm, Sacramento. Even the directory sites, we can see they are using the key phrase, family lawyer Sacramento, Sacramento family law attorney, Sacramento family lawyers. So they’re all using these, so it’s a good idea, that if the top 10 people on Google search, are using family law, attorney lawyer Sacramento, that we want those in our title tag. So, let’s see if there’s anything else that’s popping out. The directories they’re using 10 best. Best, let’s see, top, we see the best, what else, top, best, so we’re seeing a lot of best, we’re seeing a lot of top, based on your states regulations you may or may not be able to use the word best, or specialized or things of these nature. So make sure you’re always following what your bar has laid out in terms of what you can and can’t say, and then go from there.

So we kind of have an idea, and let’s just start with the keywords, and here I’m going to say Sacramento family law attorney, with why don’t we use a reliability factor, the directories are saying best, top. Let’s try to use something that we can maybe get the search engine user to give us some reliability, or some credibility, just by looking at our title tag. Sacramento family law attorney, with 20 years of experience. So there’s a quick idea, it’s really rough draft, we’re gonna refine this here in a bit. But it does include Sacramento, it does include family law attorney, it does include a reliability, credibility factor. So let’s move this out of the way. Let’s next look at some descriptions. Let’s actually just look at the actual law firms, not the directories. This information, again is when somebody searches, they’re gonna read this and they’re gonna decide does that hook me, do I want to click and visit that page? So it’s important to speak to the search engine user. The person who is Googling family law attorney in Sacramento put yourself in their shoes, they’re Googling because maybe they’re getting ready to go through a divorce. Maybe they are having some custody issues, or things of that nature. So you wanna think about their mindset, and see if you can speak to that.

So, the first results here on number seven Law office of Bobby is aggressive legal representation. If you’re considering, or anticipating, you need experience. So you see that’s pretty compelling, it speaks to, that he’s aggressive, it speaks to he is experienced. Let’s see here on number eight, family law lawyer Sacramento, he offers a full range of family law services. So okay they offer everything, they focus on family law, this sounds like someone I might wanna click on, and learn more about. We also have number 10, certified family law specialists by the State Board, that’s a great way. Certification is something that sets this person apart from the others. And it’s a reliability, and a confidence factor to somebody searching so, it’s great idea to put it in. So why don’t we see if we can craft a description, that would compel somebody if they saw our listing here. A quick note, we’re still gonna wanna see, if we can keep our key phrases, and our geography in there. To reinforce to Google, that this page is about the search, that the user had done.

So, let’s go ahead and pull that up, we can say experienced family law attorney in Sacramento. we can say, dedication, and compassion for each clients. We fight to represent, that’s more a personal injury attorney language, but it’ll work for this draft in this video. We fight to protect the rights of those with family law cases, we fight to protect the rights of those in every type of family law cases, okay. Experienced family law attorney in Sacramento, dedication, and compassion for each client. We fight to protect the rights of those in every type of family law case. Okay so we can see we have the key phrases, family law attorney, we have Sacramento, and then we have some reliability, and some confidence factors. We have dedication, we have compassion, and we fight, protect your rights. Every type, all types of family law. So that’s not a bad first draft, Again, these can be refined, they can be updated, they can be edited, but just as an initial thought or initial draft, we kind of covered most of the bases there.

Title Tag & Description Builder Tool for Law Firms

So next, let’s go ahead and look at if you are using a remedial website builder. How would you actually preview how this looks. How would you know if you don’t have enough text, or if you have too much text. So there’s a tool, SERP Preview, S.E.R.P, search engine results page. And this is great because you plug in the draft you just came up with. You can in real time, see a example of what it would look like, and you kind of look at it from the perspective of somebody who is searching you. So if you’re using WordPress again, and you’re using Yoast the preview tool is already built in to the website. So you can also do it there on the page as you are working. So let’s go ahead and take our title tag. I’m gonna paste it in here, we can see it in real time it automatically updates. Sacramento family law attorney, 20 years experience great. Let’s go ahead and take our description, paste it in here, also called med inscription, perfect. URL, we see example this would be if you wanted to have the preview displayed your URL. Not important but just for fun, you can put your website in, to get the full effect. We could just call whatever, Mmkay, bolded keywords so we’re gonna look at the search, on the search page we did family law attorney in Sacramento. As a search result feature, Google is gonna bold every time these words appear. In to help the users, quickly identify. So we can see here in the search results, that these words are bolded, no matter what combination, or what order they’re in. Google’s gonna take them and bold them up for you. So that you can quickly identify, oh okay yes, okay, this is what I’m looking for, let me click there. So, the preview tool also does the same. If you wanna see how if somebody searched what it would look like you can type it in here. Let’s say family law attorney comma, that’s one keyword. We can see automatically in real time it’s starting to bold out and show us a better preview. We can use the word Sacramento, again there we see, it’s bolding, it’s sticking out these other things. So in looking at that in real time, it kinda gives you an idea. Importantly, let’s look at the length. So here, we can see we still have a little bit more room, it’s not much, but at that point you may want to edit, or see if you can add some more information. For example, Sacramento family law attorney with 20 years of experience and, results period. We made it right there, just under. And then here, you can also bulk up your description, and then see how it looks, at that point you can say yes this looks good. You can paste it into your website page, title, description, update it.

Develop Title Tags and Descriptions Using Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

If you’re using Yoast same thing, let’s go ahead, and take a look at how that looks. So we previewed it, I have a demo site loaded up here, just a demo. If we went to any page, and let’s just say that we’re gonna go to home page, I’m gonna edit it. And on the back as long as your Yoast is installed and activated we see a Yoast SEO box here on the page. Let’s go ahead and get down to it here. Here we are, so we can click on the edit snippet, and by default Yoast is a great tool cause it’s gonna bring in your page title and some other aspects. You can change the defaults, but you can also manually enter information. So let’s go ahead, and get our Word document back up, and I’m going to actually grab it from here, cause we edited it, and did a newer version. And you can see, same thing here. In real time you can see the length, you can see how much room we have left. I’m gonna go ahead and take the description, I’m gonna paste that in there. You can see, that same thing, it shows us the snippet preview right there. In there, it will easily enough, we can update, and if we’re seeing a difference and you’re wondering why here on this preview, that we are in the orange, and it’s not displaying everything. It’s because this preview tool, is using a different character limit. I would trust the Yoast, they’re always updating it. They’re always current with what the regulations, the best practices are. So in this situation, it doesn’t mean that hey I need to get rid of it. It’s just showing you that in most cases Google’s not even gonna display past this. So if you have some really important information at the end of that, essentially it may not be displayed, or you may not get value for it. So, you can update and edit accordingly should you want to. Cut those down and kind of re-draft here. Same thing, so you do your update. And that is updating, and then that’s all set.

At this point you can just do a quick check on WordPress, you can just view the page. The title tag is going to be right on the tab there. Or you can do something such as viewing the page source and then looking specifically, for doing a search for title tags. Description we see them in here, we have our title, we have our description, and we can see that that information is loaded.

Force Crawl Title Tag and Description in Google Search Console

Lastly, we need to make sure that if you have a search console, up and running that you get this into Google’s index. There’s no reason in waiting for them to come find you. So search console we already have this loaded up. I’m gonna click, actually I’ll take you backwards, and show you how we got here. I just set this search console up, so we’re not gonna get an accurate result. But when you’re in search console crawl Fetch as Google, this is the old search console. If we’re going to just do the root you leave it blank. If you’re gonna do a page, you enter the rest of the page in, you fetch it. At that point, Google is sending a robot spider to that page, unreachable because the site is brand new. The search console is brand new. So typically, we would see a button that said Fetch and then you would see a button that says would you like to index this? If you’re using the new version, and let’s go ahead and just take a look, you’re actually going to insert here. Right when you land on overview. Insert the URL right into the URL inspector. Same thing we may not get a result here, see it says, oh actually the new search console was able to do it. Says hey this URL is not in Google if it was a new site. If it was an older site it’ll say hey this is in there, either way, you wanna request indexing. If it’s a new page you want it to get indexed, if the page is changed you want it to index. So first is gonna test it to see hey is this able to be indexed and it says it’s not because we have a brand new set up. But typically it would say good to go and you would click request indexing, and that’s how you make sure, that your new page, your new title and description are put into Google so that you can start tracking to see if they make any changes, if your rankings go up, or if it’s a new site, where you land against your competitors on there.

So if you have any questions feel free to hop over to the website, you can open up a chat box, or you can hop over to the contact form and send us anything through there. Again, thanks for watching!

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