How to Un-publish or No-publish an Address on a Google My Business Listing

How to Un-publish or No-publish an Address on a Google My Business Listing

Not all businesses want to publish their business address but still want to have a published Google My Business listing. The Google My Business is great because it is free and it provides the potential for a ton of visibility and website traffic by way of Google search results. The Google My Business listing not only has the opportunity to show up in search results in the “Map Pack”, the coveted 3 placements on page one of Google search results, it also provides a nice business overview when people do a name search (search your name directly in Google).

So what if you work from home, a friend’s office or another location where you do not want your clients to know your address? Well, in this situation you can choose to provide a “Service Area”, a general area where you provide your services, instead of a specific address/brick and mortar location. When selecting this option on your Google My Business listing, you are still eligible to have your listing show, but wont have the specific address listed. This option is common for service related industries such as plumbers, electricians and others who may be based at their home. The last thing you want is a customer or sales people knocking on your door at dinner time, or even knowing your address at all.

Your service area on your listing can be very local, or very large. Example,  you could select the city of Los Angeles, or even the entire State of California. It is important to note that when setting up the listing, you will need to enter a full physical address as this is how Google will verify your listing. The listing does not published until verified so your address wont show anywhere. When you receive the Google verification postcard a few days later, you can verify the listing and then un-publish the address. Below is a quick video on how exactly to do that.


Transcript: Hello everyone, this is Joel over at with a quick tip on Google My Business and specifically un-publishing the address on the listing. So this isn’t that common for law firms and attorneys for your Google My Business listing. Typically you will want the address because you do want to show up in search results on the map as well as the very desired three placements on the map pack. Situations where you may not want the address published could include an attorney who is working from home, not renting office space yet, meeting clients either at a conference center or virtual office but still wants to show up and have a Google My Business listing.

So we’re gonna take a look at how to un-publish your address and still have a Google My Business listing. Let’s go ahead and take a look. Okay so initially when you are setting up the Google Places Location, you are going to have to physically put an address in because this is where Google is going to send the verification postcard. So you need to make sure that you receive it. Once you receive the postcard you’re gonna go into the “My Business” main dashboard, and when you’re logged in, it’ll show the different locations that you have and over on the side it is going to have the pending– it’ll show “verify now.” That’s what you’re gonna click on to enter the address or the number that Google had sent you. You’ll enter in the 5-digit code and then it will accept it and then you will be able to edit.

So, once you’re in there to remove the address, you’re going to go to the “Info” tab and then from there you are going to make sure first that you have a service area selected. So here you’re gonna see underneath the map in the “Location” you’ll have “Service Areas.” You can open that up and you can add specific service areas. Click “Apply.” Without a service area, Google isn’t gonna know where to show the Google Business listing. Once the service area has been entered and approved and published on there, then all you’re gonna do is right above that go to the map and specifically you’re going to just delete out the information on the– or click “Clear Address” easily enough and then you’re gonna go ahead and click “Apply.” At that point it’s going to do the refresh that we’re seeing happening here and then at that point we see “pending.”

It’s going to once again verify that and then you will see now “pending” in “Our Service Areas.” So at that point typically, same day or no more than a few days we’re gonna see that it is updated and then the address is not gonna be published physically, you’re not gonna see it, but you should show up in the service areas depending on your categories and depending on the relevancy of your Google My Business listing.

So, if you have any questions, you can definitely drop them in the comments line or feel free to send us an email or a contact form through the website. Thanks for watching!

And a quick follow up that I forgot to mention is even though we still see a “pending” here on the– actually we did a refresh and it is no longer pending so that was actually pretty quick, about less than a minute. But what you can do to preview how it displays is here on the side we can click “View on Maps.” So let’s go ahead and click that. It’s going to open in a new window. We’re now gonna see the red outline within our service area and then over on the side here we can see that no address is published. It is still gonna put the city and the state. It shows that as a generality but it’s not gonna specifically publish the address. And that’s one way to verify and see how your changes would look on “Search.”

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